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A message to all our customers...

Can we first say a massive thank you to all our loyal customers old and new. As Im sure you know, and fed up of being reminded, many businesses have closed or are closing since the lock down. The cost of living is affecting all of us and it would seem no one can escape it’s clutches. The hospitality industry has been particularly effected and all cry’s for help to those that could make a difference have fallen on deaf ears. More than 500 pubs closed their doors last year and it would seem that trend will continue through 2024 with no less than 750 expected to call last orders for the final time in the first half of the year alone.

We have been so lucky to have had the support of such a brilliant customer base and we can’t thank you all enough for doing your bit in keeping us trading. We have no choice but to pass the latest price increases on which include rises in just about everything we purchase from brewery’s, food suppliers and utility companies. We can however assure you that we have done our utmost to minimise those increases and at the same time continue to negotiate strongly with all our suppliers.

With your continued support we will hopefully ride this storm, as we have in the past, and make it to 2025 and beyond.

Thank you from all of us @37 The Elwes Arms Great Billing


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